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2011-03-09 17:44:08 by Willeeto

Keep your eyes peeled.. It's a comin'


Old Illustrations Uploaded

2009-07-12 20:10:01 by Willeeto

oNifty nifty

Steel Ed Revamp

2009-02-17 12:57:03 by Willeeto

'Sup newgrounders.. been a while since ive done ANYTHING newgrounds related so i just thought i'd show what ive been up to in the past couple days...

Yes, i finally encouraged myself to make the first episode of Steel Ed..
Ive only spent about 5-6 hours on the episode so far but i wanted to show the changes to the character design.. There nothing drastic, just a bit more detailed.

Anyways i'm pretty enthusiastic about getting this done so keep an eye out, ya hurr?

Steel Ed Revamp

Bandwin The Blacksmith

2008-07-23 13:02:54 by Willeeto

'Sup people, with me being stupidly unknown on newgroundws i dont know how many of you will read this, or even care, but..
Ive been workin on a new flash the past couple days called Bandwin the blacksmith, its actually a pretty deep story and im really trying to push myself when coming to the animating of it.
Here's a lil pic of the the man himself anyways!

Bandwin The Blacksmith

Steel Ed EP01 Coming soon

2008-06-21 18:09:10 by Willeeto

OK so i got a few mixed reviews on the preview.. ive took in consideration what people suggested and made some changes.. mainly with the characters havin arms and legs :)

Gonna get started on the actual episode this weekend im just working on the character models for now.